My Herman Miller Adventure – Week 1

This week has really been the start to a lot of great things to come. I have met my team of interns for our intern project that we will present to the Executive Leadership Team in August. We’re a great team that works well together, communicates, and generally cares about this assignment. We all come from different backgrounds, schools, majors, etc. and are collaborating to complete a sustainability goal. While I am the only sustainability intern, I’m pleased to find my peers care about sustainability as well. It’s a huge part of Herman Miller’s culture.

I also got to listen to our CEO and President speak to my intern class. He has some really great ideas and opinions of what success looks like and how to get there. I mentioned his theory about the path to success looking more like a Christmas tree than a ladder in my discussion post too. That really stuck with me. It challenges the things we have been told before.

Here, there is a strong encouragement to job shadow and test out other opportunities we don’t have experience or knowledge in. I’m definitely going to embrace that and check out our supply management team. It’s something I’ve left as a second choice if I found I didn’t like sustainability like I thought I would. I’m also curious to see how sales, marketing, and design positions look in a day. Lots of opportunities and adventures to come!

I’m also learning a lot about this industry. I thought furniture was furniture before I got here. I’m really getting to know the complex ergonomic applications, chemical considerations, and life-cycle assessments that go into our furniture. I also never really thought of the environmental impact furniture companies can make if they don’t practice Corporate Social Responsibility. Did you know that the chair you’re sitting on may have¬†emissions? Luckily, I’ve found a great company that I really feel aligns with my values to learn from.


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