First Few Weeks at Cropwatch.

My first weeks as a summer intern/scout in Shipshewana at Cropwatch Inc. (an agronomic consulting company) certainly have been interesting. We mainly focus on seed corn because it is a prevalent crop in southern Michigan and northern Indiana. My company scouts for a wide range of customers, from small cash crop farms to large players in the industry such as Monsanto. Due to the region’s sandy soil it is highly irrigated and at low risk of flooding, which makes it an attractive location to grow seed corn.

Cropwatch is covering 90,000 acres of crops this year, which is a new record high amount of acreage for the company. This obviously means we have a lot of ground to cover this summer and a lot of farmers relying on us to give them honest and factual data that will help them choose the best course of action.

The first couple of weeks were slow to start because of the unseasonably cold weather, however now that it is warming up the corn is looking better and we are getting busier. I’m looking forward to the challenges this summer brings.


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