Week 1 Saginaw Bay Farm

I am interning at Saginaw Bay Farm in Bay City.  They grow sugar beets, soybeans, corn, wheat, and rye.  They have farms in Reed City and Kalkaska as well.  This week was a short but busy week.  My main duty on the farm is crop scouting, but I do a lot of other things too.  I will spend a day in Reed City almost every week checking the crops there, this week I hauled water to the sprayer for a full day instead of crop scouting.  I have never pulled a water tank before, so that was really awesome learning to do.  On the farm in Bay City I spent the first half of my days organizing tools in the shop and mowing the lawn.  The second part of the day I was crop scouting soybeans.  I noticed in some fields the ground is so dry and hard the beans are having a hard time popping through the ground.  I got to spend half of a day riding around with Frank the crop watch man.  It was such a great experience learning from such a professional.  He taught me so much about different diseases and weeds.  It is early in the summer and I  have already learned so much, I am very excited for everything else coming!


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