Week 1: Nature Fresh Farms

My internship this summer is with Nature Fresh Farms. Nature Fresh grows tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers in greenhouses in Ontario and Ohio. During my internship I am a member of the Greenhouse Education Center, which is basically a mobile greenhouse that has been constructed on a trailer. I am traveling around the U.S. and Canada with the GEC to various grocery stores to promote Nature Fresh products, as well as share with customers where their food comes from.

So far this summer I have spent two weeks in the Toronto area and this week I have been in Indianapolis. This week in Indy has been a little different because we have spent two days at elementary schools instead of just at grocery stores, but I have really liked interacting with the kids. They get so excited to see the plants and the vegetables and they ask silly questions or say silly things, but it’s really fun to interact with them.

I have really enjoyed talking to customers that see the GEC and seeing how awestruck they are by the trailer. What we are bringing to customers is incredibly unique and interesting and I love being able to share this with customers of all ages.

I’m just getting started here and I have a lot to learn as we  continue, but I am looking forward to everything that this summer will bring.



2 responses

  1. Congrats! NatureFresh is a great company to intern for. I believe Marcos from the FIM program is on that tour as well? Good guy, listen to his advice on tomatoes especially! Good luck this summer!

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