Week Ten: Target

Today was the last day of my internship. Ten weeks went by incredibly fast. This week I trained the entire cashier team on how to use Targets chip and pin technology that will be rolling on all new Target Red credit and debit cards. The new chip technology allows for a more secure transaction between the card reader and the credit card. It just about eliminates credit card theft and recently Target has been rated as the most secure organization within the industry. That is a long way from the problems they were having a few years ago. I trained all of the cashiers on the changes that the red cad would bring. I also prepared them for certain guest problems that will likely occur, as well as situation and results to keep an angry guest happy. I gave them potential responses, as well as actions to provide an angry guest with great service as we change over to the new system.

This week I also set two isles of clearance. One was diaper and the other was infant soft lines. I had to set the clearance with no planogram, and had to decide how to place all of the different items within the two categories. It took me a few hours, but I set two great looking isles. By the next day, both had almost cleared out all of their clearance. At only 15% off my two walls cleared out within a day.


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