Week 10 Tenneco Inc. Make Up (Word Press Issues Last Week)

Well, it’s already the last week for posting about our experiences. I will definitely say this summer was a lot more eventful for me with Tenneco as opposed to my internship last summer with them. I really felt to be a vital role to the team and the team’s success this summer. I was able to accomplish some pretty cool things as an intern and had some unique experiences that will allow me to excel in my future career. I have a final presentation in front of our program teams and all of the managers on Monday and I believe this will be the deciding factor on if they would like to extend me a full-time offer or not. Whether I receive an offer or not I am still planning on applying to several other companies within the automotive, food, appliance and medical industries, just to find the best opportunity for me. I have already began my search for full-time positions and my goal is to have something locked up and accepted by mid-November at the absolute latest to hopefully begin a full-time role after the first of the year. I have had a great time here at Michigan State University, but I am ready to embark on the next chapter of my life and think the knowledge and skills I have gained through my time in college have more than prepared me for this next journey. Just one semester stands between me and the real world and I’ve already begun counting down the days.


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