Macy’s Week 8

Week 8 was my last and final week at my internship at Macy’s. It was a very busy busy week but also made it worth while. This Sunday was a big inventory day. I spent about 10 hours at work this day, from 4:15pm to 2:00am. It was a long tiring day but I actually enjoyed it. We had to scan and count all the inventory to check on shortages in the mall. I was able to help prep for inventory with my mentor manager the day before. It was my first inventory but I learned fast and was able to participate and do my part. That was a long night and to top it off the next morning I had my final presentation in front of district and many of the higher-ups of the Detroit area. I was very prepared but I woke up that morning so nervous and blanking. I didn’t know how the presentation would go but I volunteered myself first. At the end the District Vice President stated that my ideas for the rewards program at Macy’s were great and he would implement them in all the stores around! I don’t know how but the presentation went so well and I was able to network with so many of the executive team. After my presentation was done I was able to relax so much more. When I went back to the stores I was just able to help out on the floors and finish all my training tasks. I met with the Vice President Store manager and we went over my final evaluation. She said I was such a great learner and picked up all I could in just 8 weeks but I still have much more to learn. It was a great eight weeks and learned so much in my first retail position.


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