Macy’s Blog 9

My biggest take out of this entire internship was never underestimate yourself. I had to challenge myself everyday with things I never thought I could do and I grew so much. Before I even started this internship the challenge began. Macy’s was a company I knew I wanted to work for since high school. I always knew I wanted to go into fashion/retail but didn’t think it would be practical or realistic. I had gone to Macy’s every year since I was a freshman even though they were looking for juniors and seniors. I just wanted them to see how dedicated I was. And it eventually worked out. The man at the career fair remembered me and told me to come to a meeting. When I went he remembered my name and I was the only one there that knew an answer to their intro question. After receiving the offer and starting the internship I realized how hard retail was. It isn’t rocket science but it’s all about juggling and being able to problem solve and think quick on your feet. I had to be able to deal with customer problems which is something I don’t like to do but I knew it was part of the job. When I was younger I was always shy and reserved but being in business I need to be able to talk to everyone and I did just that at work. I met so many people and executives. I became more extraverted professionally and I see myself growing in each internship. I grew very close to my executive team just within the first week. I know that these people by my side are a great network to have when I get into the real world. But overall, if anyone asked me a few years ago if I saw myself where I am today I would never even dream it.


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