Coyote Logistics Week 9

During week 9 of my internship we had a guest speaker from the Denver office come and talk to all of the interns. The guest speaker was Dave Herbert. He is the Director of Carrier Sales and Operations. Dave is one of the original eight from Coyote Logistics, when it was founded in 2006. It was very interesting to hear his perspective on how they used to have to track loads with no computer. They would use pieces of paper, and thumb tacks to track the progress of the load. They would have a big stack of files with all the carriers to call on unlike today, where we can just look up one on the computer. This process seemed like it would be very hard and time consuming. I’m very thankful that we get to use computers today. Some knowledge Dave gave was very helpful. He said that you get 100% of what you put into Coyote out of it. That means the harder you work the more you will get out of the company. He also said Coyote is a great place to work if you want to move all around the country. Dave has lived in 6 cities, since working at Coyote and he has loved every second of working at Coyote.

During my second to last week of my internship at Coyote Logistics, I have actually been doing very well. I have booked 6 loads this week, and three with the same carrier which means the carrier is now tagged in my name. This is very rewarding because after many cold calls, I have finally developed a carrier that I can only book with specifically. This has shown the effort and time I have put in to working at Coyote Logistics, and it is very fulfilling to see my hard work paying off.  Hopefully I can continue to develop more carriers as my time as an intern at Coyote Logistics comes to an end.


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