Week 11 with John Deere

This week has been busy!!! Everything has been coming to a conclusion and now we are beginning the transition phase for the next person who will take my responsibilities. Throughout this week and last week I have performed over 12 presentations about my CI 200 Tool going into production to many different facilities in Iowa and Illinois.

While preparing my Instructional Tool Presentation, I also was preparing for my End of Summer Intern Presentation. This presentation was to capture all of my experiences and projects that I worked on this summer for John Deere. I finally presented my End of Summer presentation on August 5th at the John Deere World Headquarter building for many directors and upper management. It was very exciting to show everyone the impact that I had this summer. Also, it felt very rewarding to finally be done and hear the input that everyone had.

Now that the presentation is over I just have a few more weeks with John Deere! I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone. In my last few weeks I will probably continue to present and give directions about the CI 200 tool that I implemented to people who are interested. Also, bring people around me up to speed with anything that I was working on so that there is a smooth transition upon my departure.


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