Week 10

This past week has been busy as I have received my last round of new projects to finish up the summer. My internship ends in about three weeks and I still have three projects I am working to complete before leaving to go back to East Lansing for the fall. First, I need to finish up my E2PR ATP User Guide which is maybe halfway complete. I have numerous meetings in the next few weeks to keep myself on track and delivering my finished chapters to my mentor. Second, I received the task to compare different aspects of our Q2 and Q3 forecasts which is slightly different from my other forecast analysis because this is combining all three months of the quarter as opposed to each month separately. The head of manufacturing who I presented my forecast to a few weeks ago actually asked for me to work on this file for him. I am excited because he remembered the hard work I did on my other project and wants to see more of my analysis. I hope I can complete the project before my internship is finished in a few weeks. Lastly, I was asked to investigate and look into the bookings for our End Of Life products, graph the results and see if I can find a common curve that might help us better predict demand and forecast appropriately. First I tried to find an equation that might fit the whole curve, but there was no common curve that fit each EOL life cycle. So instead I’ve been investigating the “ramp up” slope and the “ramp down” slopes to see how quickly demand builds up and how quickly the product demand decreases as it becomes closer to EOL. The results will be interesting to see and I hope I can help make our forecasts more accurate through my analysis.


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