SpartanNash Week 10

This past week has been dull compared to the week have had in the past. I spent the week back at the corporate headquarters spending most of the week helping out multiple departments with small task and also tracking sales of the Pick a Six program. In my final few weeks at SpartanNash I have began to assemble my final presentation, which I will have to present in front of our company’s executive board and everyone’s bosses. Therefore, our talent development team at the headquarters they asked us to put a basic version of our presentation so that we could practice before we present infant of everyone. Even though this idea seemed pretty slow and boring it has proved to be beneficial because every chance I get to practice I will take because it enables me to get the nerves out before the important one. The one thing that makes me nervous is that I only have 10 more days of work, which makes me nervous because this experience has been so great and beneficial, but how do I put all of that into a 10 minute presentation. I have many experiences I want to highlight that I have learned or even produced from my time here. Of course I will highlight the Pick a Six program as my main project, but I will also put in my time that I spent in North Dakota and Nebraska because both of those taught me about how SpartanNash conducts their acquisition, inventory, and grand opening processes. My plan is to go through my presentation in front of my boss and other people to get their opinions of my presentation skills and what I can improve on before the final presentation. Unfortunately, I do not have any memorable photos that could be put here from this past weeks experience.


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