Coyote Logistics

During this past week at Coyote Logistics, we got to go to the cubs game. Every internship class gets to go to a cubs game as a group with there mentor. My class ended up going with the class that started on May 18th. My mentor ended up coming along as well. Overall it was a great experience being able to not only bond with my fellow interns, but with my mentor as well. Coyote Logistics does a very good job at making sure you are always involved with other people in the company, whether that be group outings, or activities around the office. It was a very fun time, and if I get offered a full time job, I will definitely be looking forward to more of these group outings.

Also during the week, all of the interns got to listen to a guest speaker. The guest speaker that came and talked to us was John Rodimour who is a head manager from the customer side. This was very interesting because I am on the carrier side, and do not know as much about the customer side. From what it sounds like the customer side is very exciting. He explained that he had just got back from a sales trip in Vermont. He was out in Vermont trying to persuade Bauer hockey why they should use Coyote Logistics to ship their equipment. From what it sounds like, he is doing sales trips on a regular basis going from city to city reaching out to customers to use coyote logistics. It was very interesting to learn about the customer side, spot quoting, and some sales tips from one of the head managers at coyote.

As for my week on the carrier side I would, say it was pretty good. I ended up selling 8 loads, and developed one new carrier that I will call on now for the rest of my internship. Overall it was a great week at Coyote Logistics and sad to see the end of my internship coming near.


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