ANXeBusiness- Week 10

This week was a crazy week at ANX as all my planning played off as the annual golf outing was here. On Monday I had to be at the golf course at 7am which meant it was going to be a very long day because the golf outing with an hour away from my house. When I got to the event I went and retrieved the key to the golf cart that we got delivered there. We have to get a special cart delivered because of all of the items we have to take to our hole. I then went to check in with registration to make sure that everything was all set for our three teams that would be golfing in the event. This is when the first problem happened and i began to start worrying. In all of our years golfing in the event our teams always golfed on the old course and golfed in line one after another. But this year one of the teams was on the new course and the other two teams were not in line with one another. But instead of freaking out I decided to just put the team of all ANX employees on the new course and the other 2 teams with customers on the old course. I realized that I could not change anything now and would have to just go with the flow. From that point on there were not anymore problems and all the attendees enjoyed everything that ANX had to offer. Though it was 88 degrees everyone had a great time and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The rest of the week included me working on a new project with all of our resellers and also working on my return to sales project. Next week is our annual company picnic and I will spend the majority of the week preparing for this picnic and I getting all the final details together.


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