Week 11: DTE

This week at DTE has flown by so quickly. This week my primary focus went to helping out my team with multiple endeavors they needed. I started off my week as usual, preparing the call log for DTE Cares for Large Business Customers and the customer contacts for my team. However, On Tuesday I was asked to look at something totally different. First, my manager sent me a list of customers that she wanted to know if she could unassign them from some of our account managers. So instead of focuses on contacts like usual I focused on that and had to look over about 100+ differnt customer sites. Wednesday, I had the opportunity to sit in on a phone interview with one of the account managers on my team, Traci Glenn. Traci was creating a account plan for her customer and wanted to interview him to get some initial information for the account plan. Traci patiently interviewed the customer and got all the information she needed, and tasked me with input the information into the account plan database. I was also tasked by another account manager on my team to do research on trends in her customers industry which I was able to do by analyzing multiple articles and picking out the trends. Thursday & Friday, I focused again on the list of customers to unassign for the majority of those days.


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