Week 10 at Label Print Technologies

During my tenth week at Label Print Technologies, I focused on my communications with the Label Traxx tech team in order to understand the specifics of the process I am undergoing. I have finished up the customer, prospect, and tooling databases. These databases were imported into Label Traxx and the software was installed on our Remote Desktop Client this week. I have been concerned with the ease in which we will be able to access our own data. Currently we are signed up with Label Traxx for a “Label Traxx Upgrade/Full Support” program as well as a “4D Database Maintenance Service”. In short these services are customer support and software updates. Currently the only way to upload any mass amount of data into our Label Traxx software is via an excel doc, and it is limited to prospects. If I want to do any other management, imports, or exports of our data from our Label Traxx database I will have to go through the Label Traxx company. They effectively have us on a leash with their software and I am not okay with that at all. This coming week I will be speaking with the tech manager and owners of the company in order to ask for developer status of their software. This way I can implement changes into their program and our database that will best suit LPT as a company. This week I developed a GANTT chart for the remaining parts of the project (aside from the accounting portion that will be implemented later in this Fall semester) and gave myself an appropriate timeline in which I am required to finish this implementation. On this coming Monday the 3rd of August I will begin training the sales team on the working of Label Traxx so that they are able to start recording their customer activities within the new software. I am excited to continue my internship in the Fall and Spring semesters.


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