Week 7- Macy’s

Week 7 at Macy’s means that my internship is coming to an end soon. This week I spent a lot of time with my manager preparing for my big presentation in front of District on Monday. I described how I was able to impact the Plenti Rewards Program during my time here. I also had to run my presentation by the Assistant Store Manager so I could get a second eye on the presentation. This week we also had a big move in Fine Jewelry. My manager made a new floor plan to see if certain brands would sell better if they were in a new spot. Since many of these products are very pricey we could not do the move while the store was open. A few of us came in at 6:45 in the morning to move the products around into new spots. We also had many of the representatives of the brands come in and set up their displays how they want them. It seems that it’s doing well so far because many of the fine watches we moved have been selling these past few days. I also was able to do a few more interviews as well so I am getting more comfortable with the process and know what exactly to look for. I always look for body language more than the words coming out of their mouth. How they act is a big indication if they will make a good sales associate. This week we are also prepping for inventory for the new fall season so we have to make sure everything is set. This weekend is a big weekend and we have to spend time when the store is closed to bring in the new inventory. I learn something everyday in retail. No day is ever the same in this industry.


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