Week Nine: Target

This week was a another great week as an intern. We had a business review in which Vice Presidents and business partners visited our store. We gave them a presentation of our successes and opportunities that we need to work on as a store. Overall we were a great store. We had great logistics system, which the VP’s were very impressed with. We then discussed our 30% increase in retaining team members. Our YTD sales were up 1 percent, which was looking good going into the fourth quarter. We needed to work on our shortage departments, which were cosmetics healthcare. Overall the VP’s were very impressed and said our store would set the example across the entire region.

This week I also had a few more Leader on Duty shifts. I am becoming a better and more efficient leader with every passing shift. I can now just about run that store with little support from my mentor. Next week is the last week and I look forward to finishing strong and learning as much as I can before it is over.


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