Six Sigma Project

During the course of this summer myself and six other interns were involved in a six sigma project in which our goal was to maximize the efficiency of the potato line. I am not going to lie, I struggled grasping the concept of what the project was supposed to deal with prior to my week in potatoes, but after I was in the department I was able to pick up on inefficiencies without them being pointed out to me. Overall, I feel like the project was extremely worthwhile considering all the work and concentration of the machines we put into it and I would recommend a six sigma project to any other company, whether they are in the food industry or not. Not only is it a great learning experience for myself and my fellow interns, but it also increases the productivity of the potato department and increases the profits of the company because it gets rid of the waste product.

Looking back during my internship, I see the six sigma project as one of the best experiences because of the fact that I got to incorporate everything I learned in the classroom with everything that I learned this summer. Talking to the other interns at R.S. Hanline and about the classes they are taking, I feel as if myself, Chris Pamula and Justin Reading are the most prepared for a career in the food industry based on the classes we have taken during our four years at Michigan State University. I know I am a little biased when I say that but taking classes based on the industry we want to get a career in helps not only when it comes to applying to jobs, but most importantly, when we get hired and start the job and hopefully, our careers.


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