STA Week 9

This week at STA was very productive. We began working on our presentations because we have a meeting with the company executives at the end of the internship. The idea is to present what you have learned throughout the internship and to see what you have been working on. We gave rough versions of the presentations to one of the executives because he was leaving for vacation on the date that we are doing it. He gave us feedback on the presentations, and also gave us some career advice depending on our different industries.

I was also assigned a variation of the project that I was working on for one of my mentors. After importing and displaying the annual insurance company filings, he told me to create a new document diving even deeper into one of the filings that I was working on. Sometimes what I’m doing goes a little over my head because it is all regarding innovative capital. However, my mentor recently sat me and another intern down (who has been working with me) and he explained more into what we were doing and why it is going to help him so much. Before this I really did not know the intent of what I was doing or how it was going to be used, but after he explained it everything made a lot more sense. It made me feel good because I knew that what I was doing was really helping him and he was very appreciative of it.

Overall, it was a really great week at work. With the internship winding up soon everyone has been saying how much they are going to miss having us (the interns) around because of how helpful we are. It is really nice hearing this as an intern, being able to help full time employees.


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