Week 10

This is my last week at Canada Dry. As my last week I am finishing up al the small projects I have been working on. I did projects at Speedway, Quality Dairy, and projects on co-workers sales routes. I am finishing up all the Quality Dairy’s and the Speedways in the area. I finished up my speedway project today. I met up with a guy from Coke, Pepsi, Red Bull, Prairie Farms, Frito Lay, and the Speedway representatives and set up the last store in the area, thus completing my speedway project. The store will open tomorrow for business. I have a couple more Quality Dairy stores and some loose ends to tie up at other various stores in the area before completion of my work at Canada Dry. I have also done some work in the warehouse this week. I haven’t experienced much of what goes on in the warehouse until lately. I saw how the product comes in, is entered into the system, and logged. Then invoiced for delivery and loaded up on the truck. With over 1000 stores in the area being serviced by Canada Dry, the warehouse is an incredibly busy place each day of the week and it was cool to see how they work all the product that comes in and ready for distribution. As I finish my internship, I will have seen every aspect of the business, and that is a unique thing to experience for interns. I am very glad and happy to have experienced all I did this summer.


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