Week 10: ADM

This week was the slowest week since June 30th when corn prices shot up after the releasing of the USDA acreage report. Since there was not much selling by the farmers, in turn, co-ops and elevators did not have much grain to sell to us. This caused it to be a pretty quiet week for us at the office. This allowed me to work on my summer project that was set for me by my manager. I already have had it pretty much completed, but some of the numbers I had I believed were too inaccurate. So I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a way to get more meaningful data to estimate yields in Iowa. This is pretty difficult to figure out how to analyze the data to actually get meaningful numbers that we can use. Yield can be so unpredictable that it also adds to the difficulty of trying to get a meaningful prediction. This took up most of the free time I had during the week between trying to come up with a way to analyze the data myself and consulting many different merchandisers in the office to see if they had any ideas that could help me. Unfortunately, after a lot of thought and working on it, I still have not come up with a way to get a better prediction.

On Friday, we were short staffed due to many merchandisers being out of the office for various reasons. One of the merchandisers, who sits next to me and I have learned what he does, was out for the second half of the day. He left me in charge of one of his jobs of truck logistics of the plant. This felt pretty rewarding that he trusted me to be in control of them and he felt confident that I would be able to make everything run smoothly. Luckily, it was a slower day with the amount of trucks that came in and I was able to successfully make sure there was no back ups in the lines.


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