Week 9 Tenneco Inc.

This week I had the opportunity to take over full responsibilities of one of the buyer’s decks on my team. She left early this week for a two-week vacation and basically left me to manage her commodities. I was beyond excited for this opportunity, as I was finally going to be able to see a glimpse of having a full-time employees responsibility. Come to my surprise it wasn’t as work heavy or gratifying as I was imaging. This week actually went by kind of slow. I was given a list of items I needed to accomplish for the buyer while she was gone and was able to finish majority of the list by the end of the first day. I also realized that she was responsible for more facilitating conversations between the team and the customers, then actually creating the solutions herself. Despite that I am trying to keep my hopes up, some pro’s have come from this week, as I was finally able to identify an annual cost savings around $350,000 for the company by resourcing a group of parts to a new supplier. As a full-time buyer within Tenneco, you are expected to accumulate $1 million in savings every year. To put that in perspective I’ve only been working with the company a couple of months and already captured 35% of that target just as an intern. I was definitely walking a little taller when I discovered these savings and was excited that a result of my actions was a huge benefit to the company and my team. This specific accomplishment really made me feel like I was a crucial part of the team in aligning with the team’s goal, where majority of my other tasks I have been asked to complete this summer didn’t really give me a sense of worth. My hope is by the end of the summer to have found even more savings and be able to use this experience to really market myself to recruiters and even to Tenneco in hopes of receiving a satisfying, full-time offer.


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