Week 9 Saginaw Bay Farms

It is winding down to harvest time for Saginaw Bay Farms and everyone else in the area. Every day I go out to the pickle fields to monitor their progress. In addition to the pickle fields I continue to look at the beets and soy beans. I am now shifting my scouting from stand counts to looking out for diseases.

I did get a brief lesson on different types of diseases. In addition to being able to differentiate them, and find the causes. I look for yellowing or browning of the plants. Sometimes if I see holes on the plants I’ll check for bugs. Other things that I put into consideration when writing my reports is if I see tire tracks, specifically from the sprayer. The sprayer sometimes spills in a certain area.

Once I complete field work and my reports I go back home to compare soil test results. Keeping in mind that some problem spots may have been caused by man-made mistakes. Sometimes I find correlations with areas of high calcium, magnesium, cec, organic matter, and potassium that go along with the problem areas. I make note of all of these and send them to my supervisor.

This internship is soon going to be over. I am now doing my best to keep all of my documents chronologically organized so it’s easier for my supervisor to access them in the future. I have learned so much this past week about identifying diseases, weeds, and differences between varieties. The science behind every variety is fascinating to me. I have become inspired to go into agronomy and am excited for fall at Michigan State. Prior to the internship I hesitantly signed up for an introductory crop soil and sciences class. Now, it is one thing I can not wait to do.


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