Week 9: July 20th- July 24th

This week has been a crazy week as I have been preparing for the golf outing that is on Monday. I had to make all of the final decisions and calls to make sure that everything would be ready and on time of the outing. Since I am the one that organized the whole outing for the ANX team I have to be the first one to arrive on Monday.  The plan is to get to the outing at 7am on Monday which means it is going to be an early day for me since the outing is more than an hour away from my house. The facilities manager is going to meet me at the golf course with the company van which he will have all the coolers and other necessary items in. I will pick up the keys to the golf cart we ordered at the pro-shop and than begin to set up our table on the turn. All the golf attendees will begin to arrive at 8am and the shotgun start will begin at 10am and from there the day will continue on. I am a little worried about the weather because last year it was very cold out and this year it is going to be very hot, the temperature is predicted to be 87 degrees. Overall I am just ready for Monday to be over so that I can stop worrying about something going wrong. Other than preparing for the golf outing this week I have continued working on the return to sales list. At the beginning of the week I reran the report and sorted in correctly. After meeting with the VP of Retail Sales, Mark Wayne and my direct manager we decided that I would begin to contact corporate of the brands to see it they could get any leverage from customers. As this crazy week comes to an end I know that next week is going to be just as crazy or maybe   even more crazy.


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