Week 9 at Label Print Technologies

This past week has been consumed with the tasks of creating a raw materials item list, creating a stock inventory list, and by developing a process to integrate QuickBooks with Label Traxx. As we will be ditching QuickBooks for Label Traxx completely by the end of this fiscal year, there are many things that have to happen first before we transfer over accounting records. In the mean time that Label Traxx is being implemented, we will need to export sales and purchase order data from Label Traxx and import this data in QuickBooks. I am still deciding whether to automate this task with a program, to do it by hiring someone to complete double entries in QuickBooks, or a mixture of both. It is necessary for me to create an implementation timeline for the rest of the project; with this I will keep myself organized and my superiors informed as to my progress.

In the time that I have been here this summer, I have seen 5-6 people get hired at Label Print Technologies. This, combined with the expenditures on new software and machines show that the company is clearly planning to grow exponentially. In order to do so, processes must be designed and used. Being able to complete a lot of the process designs has provided me with invaluable experience in implementing changes within a firm and has also given me great insight onto how firms actually operate in the real world. I will be down here in Ohio until August 20th, and then afterwards I will continue to work on implementing LPT’s software remotely from school. Jodi has provided so many opportunities for me to learn and gain more experience, and now I get to continue it through the school year and make trips down to Ohio to work for a few days here or there in the office.


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