Week 9

Seeing as the end date is coming close I have been working on training the new co-op with the reports I run. I created a training document that would make this transition easier for him. The training document goes step by step what you have to do to run the MIC/Phytosanitary report. On Thursday Nolan (the new co-op) sat with me and ran part of the report himself. One of the benefits that I get from this report is SAP experience. I also presented the Spotfire Map I have been working on for a while now to the Veg Leadership team, Stock Seed Scheduler and Commercial Seed Schedulers. I’ve spoken about this map before and this is the coolest project I have ever worked on. Spotfire was new to not only Monsanto but also the vegetable team and I got the privilege to work on one of the first Spotfire projects in the vegetable team! I volunteered to create a survey for the Planning team, these surveys are to capture ways the planner and the planning team can better in terms of efficiency. This quiz will be distributed across the whole vegetable supply chain business and work its way to the foundation seed specialist. I worked with the team to also narrow down the list of questions we had to the ones we believed would be best for our situation. After these tasks I just tied up some loose end on my projects and my final presentation PowerPoint. MapAn example of the map I created.


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