Week 8 Jewel

This week I took a break from the store and visited Jewel’s corporate office, which is located in Itasca, Illinois. Our group presentation is coming along great so far, and we will be presenting to the management team next Thursday. I have some experience with presentation, but only with class work presentations. This will be my first presentation that I will be giving to the president and his management team in the working world. It was interesting learning from a corporate viewpoint on how to give an effective presentation. We first started off with an impromptu skit where we had to pick a piece of paper out of a hat. On this piece of paper were sayings like, “My favorite TV show is… or what I hate most. We then had to give a one-minute speech on the topic we choose to talk about. I learned that I am not that good of a presenter as I thought I was at first. I used a lot of filler words but decreased this negative component the second time around. At the end of the session, we were given a quote and had to give a presentation about it for five minutes. This time around I was more prepared and performed a lot better than the first time. Another item of interest we learned was about the different type of adult learners. There are visual, audio, and hands on learners. We opened with an activity were we found out what types of learners we were. After the activity I learned that I was a visual and audio learner. I was already knowledgeable about my style of learning but gained some additional information about the topic. Attending this session will not only lead me to give an effective presentation next Thursday, but will also allow me future success as I move into my career outside of MSU.


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