SpartanNash Week 9

My past week was been full of travel and preparing for our Grand Openings of Family Fare in Omaha. SpartanNash invested millions of dollars to rebrand some of our No Frills and Bag n’ Save to Family Fare. Therefore, each store got a remodel to improve the stores and bring them up to a competitive standards. My job while I was there was to assist all departments and prepare them for the grand opening so they look good for the Executive Board. Therefore, I worked with managers from all departments including: Marketing, Merchandizing, Produce, and Center Store. Thus, I had to spend my time throughout the whole six stores and work wherever they need me. Most of my time was spent with the Marketing team because they sent a few employees and they required more time to setup for Grand Opening giveaways. However, my daily job tasks changed constantly to whatever was needed on that specific day. This trip began on Friday till Thursday so I did lose my weekend, but I was able to attend the openings of the these stores and meet most of the Executive Board, which is a great opportunity to network and learn all I can about this business and more about their experience in the company. Overall, the trip was a great learning experience for me and provided me a great insight in how SpartanNash handles openings and remodels. If I were to continue in this business then this adds to my portfolio and my future. With only a few more weeks of my internship I will put it all together and be able to apply it to my future career.


This photo is from the ribbon cutting of our new Blair Family Fare and it shows SpartanNash’s executive board as well as the Blair mayor and the store director.


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