7/20-7/24 at Meritor

This week at Meritor I have been focusing on my final presentation slides that I will presenting next week in front of all the purchasing managers and the VP of purchasing. I had a dry-run presentation this week with my manager, the manger of NA aftermarket and trailer and a project manager. This was a little intimidating at first but I did well and they all gave me very good feedback that will help going forward for next weeks presentation. Besides the presentation I was able to take a visit to a supplier this week called MC Netform, they do cold forming which is a process where you take a big washer and press it into a bowl shape and inside there are grooves. This whole process was very informational and I was able to take a trip with other engineers who have extensive knowledge and was cool to hear about there backgrounds. The senior manager officially gave me control of managing the bill of materials for the new suspension and this was yet another great opportunity for me to show what I can bring to the table and deliver. The new material plastic washer that Meritor has never dealt with before has officially been put on order for prototypes. This is great because we will be able to receive in the two different grades of material in time for testing and then send out production quotes. The huge market test project I have been working on is getting noticed my management and is starting to do well. We have received some more quotes in and the percentage of parts quoted out of the whole package is good enough to negotiate with the current supplier. I have mentioned a few times to management that when the time for negotiation comes I would like to sit it on it to learn how a real negotiation is and provide some input.


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