Week 9: ADM

This week was a bit slower compared the last few weeks due to markets being down and farmers not wanting to sell because they are thinking prices are going to rise again. With it being slower, I had the chance to learn more on some topics that I was still unsure about but did not have time lately to spend time on learning them. I went and talked to a younger merchandiser that I became friends with to see if he could help me. He gave me some scenarios and situations and then had me try to figure out the math. By working through the math, it allows me to try to understand the process and reasoning behind doing certain things. This took quite a while due to it taking me a long time to figure out the math and reasoning. It also took some time because I only worked on it in between my regular work. So I had to go back and forth between the stuff I was working on and it made me lose my train of thought some times. I had one very exciting opportunity arise during the week. I was able to attend a dinner with the president of ethanol for ADM. I was very fortunate to be able to attend the dinner and get to listen to him share his career and all the various different jobs he had before reaching the president of ethanol. He was very down to earth and it was easy to have a conversation with him without feeling intimidated by his him cause of his position. He offered a lot of advice and asked the other intern and myself about our backgrounds. It was a great opportunity to meet another ADM employee and I am glad I decided to go.


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