Macy’s Week 6

This week was a very big week at Macy’s Lakeside. Yesterday, we had our big Deep Dive. A Deep Dive is when district comes in and scopes the store out, if it’s looking presentable or not, makes sure the numbers are doing well, and if not what to do to change that. To prep for this big Deep Dive the Tuesday before all the Managers worked a long shift to prep the store. We worked a 12 hour day just putting stock out on the floor, straitening everything out, cleaning the store, making sure everything was spotless and put in their place. When District came in the next day I was able to walk the floors with them and our store manager to get a feel of what exactly they do and what they look at. They talked about positioning of certain brands a lot and the possibility of moving them around to boost sales. The district team consisted of the District Merchants and District Visual Manager. So it was great getting the two opinions because one is solely focused on the items in the store but the Visual Manager wants everything to make sure the flow of the items and décor is attracting the consumer. We put a lot of work into the store for District to walk around the store. It’s a full day for them to look at your area for 10 minutes max. After the big District visit I was able to a few more interviews with my manager mentor in the room. It’s a great time for me to really notice little things about people and make a judgment on whether of not they would be a good candidate for the position. I have to be very observant, listen to what they say, write it down, and look at their body language all at once. This week I also had my manager’s phone on me for a little while to really feel what it is like to juggle so much and have everyone call you with issues. It was a better understanding for me instead of watching I was actually doing the job. I was able to help out with one issue of a customer being over charged. You have to be able to think fast and problem solve because every situation is different. I felt like a real manager this week.


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