Week 9 With John Deere

This concludes another busy week with John Deere, but also a very productive one. On Monday, I drove up to Waterloo, Iowa to meet with the systems coordinator to finalize my web page Tool. Waterloo is the home to John Deere’s “Waterloo Works” plant where our cultivating series tractors are made. The meeting was a success and the Tool is set to go into production by next week.

In addition to traveling to Iowa, I also traveled to Wisconsin. Wisconsin is home the supplier that I work with, Scot Industries. Scot is located in Muscoda, Wisconsin. The supplier visit was really cool because I got to put faces to many names of people that I have been communicating with almost on a daily basis. Also, I got to tour an amazing steel rod production plant. There was a ton going on in there with incredible machines. They ground, polished, chrome plated, and cut the steel rods at the plant. I was able to get a better idea of the processes and material movement that it takes to fulfill the specific orders that I request for production. Also, I was not shy about my “Spartan Pride” as I smack talked a few Wisconsin Badgers along the way! 🙂

Some of my short term goals include presenting my Tool to the whole Planning Services team. I plan on doing so by the end of next week and doing some basic training with the leadership team. Also, I plan to have my final internship presentation completed the following week of the 28th and begin doing some mock presentations for further practice.


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