Week 9: DTE Energy

This week at DTE Energy has gone by very quickly. With everyone returning from their vacations, the office has began to become a bit more lively which has allowed me to be more of an asset to my team. On Monday, I resumed my contact project and brough my percentage above the target percentage for my team which was very exciting. I also proceeded on Monday to complete the customer call log for the DTE Cares for Large Business Customers campaign. I also had the opportunity to help one of the account managers on my team. She asked me to e-mail her customers to ensure that we had quality contact data which lead to a meeting which I will be shadowing sometime next week.

This week has also allowed me to volunteer at Detroit Metro Youth Day. On Wednesday, a group of interns went to Belle Isle to volunteer at Metro Youth Day. We helped manage security for the event by managing one of parking lots for the event and helping participants get to the event safely.

I also had the opportunity to have a one on one with my manager on Thursday. My manager reported that she was happy with my work this summer and informed me about a full time opportunity with John Deere which I never thought about working for. She also informed me on ways that I could be more of a asset to my team by working with another one of our team’s account manager who is out of the office alot due to illness.


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