Week 9 Blog Posting

On Monday another intern and I tissue sampled a cornfield in Henderson, we tissue sampled two sugar beet fields in Swartz Creek, we tissue sampled a soybean field and took a soil sample from a cornfield in Birch Run, and we tissue sampled three fields in Westphailia. We were supposed to spray round up with our backpack sprayers in two fields in the headlands in Westphailia too but it was starting to rain so we didn’t do it. On Tuesday all of us interns road together and we tissue sampled two soybean fields and then scouted fields all day. On Wednesday I did a chemical delivery with two other interns. We then went back to the plant and filled up our backpack sprayers with round up and went to spray two soybean fields in the headlands. After that we went to one of the sales representatives plots and pulled out the volunteer corn in front of the plot so it looked cleaner and nicer. Then we went to another plot to see if any corn was tasseling but it wasn’t. Then we went to get a signature from a farmer. On Thursday I scouted fields all day with another intern. We went to her area and scouted all her fields. On Friday I scouted fields all day with another intern. We went to my area and scouted all my fields this time. It had rained Thursday night and a little Friday morning so the fields were muddy and the mosquitos were terrible. I got to wear my much boots though and I love getting the chance to wear them when I am out scouting. It eventually got very hot and muggy as the day went on. After we finished scouting fields we went to one of the plots to check on the corn varieties.


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