Week 8 Tenneco Inc.

This week was super busy for me. One of our full-time employees was out on vacation and one of his suppliers was having issues getting parts to our plant on time. Since, this buyer was out my manager passed the issue to my desk to fix. I was responsible for finding alternative suppliers to manufacture the parts to ensure on-time delivery. We ended up moving two of the parts from the supplier that was having issues to one of our alternatives and even found a cost-save on one of the two parts we moved. As a result of my actions I was able to get the parts delivered on time to our plant and keep production lines running. Typically, when lines go down costs go way up. Depending on the supplier and the volume of vehicles they are producing this can be hundreds of thousands of dollars in a matter of a few hours being down. As you can imagine these types of incidents are ones we like to avoid in the manufacturing world.

This week was also the week for me to present one of the projects I had been working on for two weeks in finding new suppliers close in proximity to one of our manufacturing facilities in Mexico. Again, this project required me to research different suppliers near the border of Texas and Mexico that were capable of applying a specific plating process to our parts to help control corrosion. I was able to identify 15 suppliers near Mexico that all had these capabilities. In my presentation I broke down the amount of spend from last year that went to plating suppliers from our company and which suppliers consumed majority of our spend. Next, I identified the top 4 suppliers from my project research and highlighted the benefits of each suppliers capabilities. Finally, what the whole project revolved around, I gave a recommendation of which supplier I felt would be able to meet our demands the best. My manager was very pleased with my presentation and my overall recommendation from the project. I was then given the go ahead to begin sending them quotes to identify where their pricing lies compared to some of our current suppliers. My hope is within the next few weeks I will be able to identify if my recommended supplier will be beneficial to the company and hopefully provide some cost-advantage and improve our company’s overall supply chain.


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