Week 7 Jewel

This week I spent most of my time in the bake shop department. I mainly made baked goods and order materials used to make these bake goods. These ranged from various types of bread to cookie dough used to make fresh-baked cookies to sell to customers. This department moves much slower than most departments. There are about nine employees that make up the bake shop department at the store I am stationed at. The manager used the word technical to describe the kind of work done in the department. Bake shop all begins the day before where one employee sets up the trays of bread that will be used to bake the following day. This way Jewel can assure its customers they can purchase fresh made bread every single day.

One special event that happened this past week was a couple of coworkers and I went to six flags for the day. It was Jewel appreciation week so we were able to purchase six flags passes and parking passes for a reduced price. We could not have asked for a better day as the weather was beautiful outside on Wednesday. I went on most of the roller coasters in the park and made some new friends in the process. My favorite roller coaster was Goliath, which is the worlds steepest wooden roller coaster. I was surprised to find out Goliath goes upside down for a period of time during the ride. Usually people don’t think wood roller coaster goes inverted, but this one did and it was a really good time.

I am putting the final touches on my Bagger training video which will soon be presented to many higher-ups in the organization. We are still taking photos video but I got most of the framework done this week so by next week I will just need to do some editing.


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