SpartanNash Week 8

This week has been jammed backed with events that SpartanNash has put on and asked me to assist on and attend. For starters, this week SpartanNash hosted their Fresh Expo for their independent stores who purchase product from SpartanNash. Therefore, companies from all over came to the Expo to showcase discounts, new products, and displays that were available for the stores. This event took place in the Devos Place in downtown Grand Rapids and the show floor basically took up the whole room. This was the second biggest food show I have been too because this past fall I was able to attend the PMA Fresh Conference in Anaheim, CA. However, this time my company was putting on the Expo. Thus, I was asked to help setup and take down the show on Tuesday and Thursday. Being available on both days was a good experience because I was able to network with other companies as well as lending a hand to setup a show that brings a lot of business for our company. It was nice to see the big name companies that everyone knows and we talk about in class, but also I got the chance to meet some of the smaller players and what they do. So this event took up both my Tuesday and Thursday work days, but I also have one more event that is noteworthy and is that SpartanNash has sent me to Omaha, NE to assist the marketing department and retail operations department for the transition of some of the No Frills and Bag n Saves stores we own and re-brand them as Family Fare’s. Therefore, I will be spending the next six days assisting at stores and the office here in Omaha before the big opening days we have coming up on the 22nd.

20150716_084930     photo

These two pictures were taken at the SpartanNash Fresh Expo in Grand Rapids. They highlight some of what is new and famous people like Luther Ellis (from the Lions) to come to the show.


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