Week 9

For this week, week nine, I have continued to prospect and search for clients from various firms websites so that Arbor can add to their institutional client list, which then leads to selling more research, which then leads to more money for the company.  Also I have been tasked to fill in an excel sheet that has all the big name companies that they supply their research to and fill in exactly what they do.  So if one client is on the Fixed-Income team I will put that in the excel document  so they can pin point exactly the area the firm’s clients specialize in.  Another example would be say if a title of a person is “Research Analyst” I would have to dig and find what type of research they specialize in.  It is very important because then once this list is compiled and done, the bosses or whoever else needs it can use it and see exactly what these peoples areas of expertise is in.  My main search engine besides Google is LinkedIn.  LinkedIn has played a big role in this process because it is so widely used now that every name I need is at my fingertips and I just have to dig a little to find them and what they do exactly.

The main reason they have me doing this is so they can get the work they need done even more efficiently than they already do.  Whenever they need to know about a client that comes in asking questions via email or phone they can quickly just pull this up in seconds and it will be right there for them.  It is a really good idea and has taken me most of this week to finish it and finally it will be ready for use by the end of the week.  The things and ideas they come up with, especially my boss are very smart and efficient.


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