Week 8. ANXeBusiness

As my eighth week begins to come to an end I look back at my time so far at ANX. While it seems like just yesterday that I began here as an account manager my time is almost coming to an end. This week me and my manager began to discuss what will happen when I go back to school because I will work remotely from East Lansing. We are beginning to create a process and list of activities and reports that I will need to create, finish, and distribute while at school along with deadlines and details. We have decided that it is best that I try and continue to have responsibility for the Return to Sales Report since I am familiar with the difficult process and since I have put so much time into it this summer. Overall we decided that while back living in East Lansing and taking classes I will work an average of 20 hours per week depending on how heavy my class load is at the time. While my time at ANX is beginning to come to an end I still have to large events to finish planning and attend. The golf outing is approaching very closely and almost everything is completely set with just over a week left I am just putting the finishing touches on everything. Next week I will work with the facilities manager to create a list of snacks and beverages that we need to purchase to bring along with any other materials that need to be brought to the outing. Than the week after that outing is the ANX Company Picnic. Though I have not been the one in charge of planning the whole thing  I have had to attend various meetings to plan details and make sure that we have all that is necessary. In the end I can not believe how fast my time has passed here at ANX and I plan on enjoying and learning everything that I can with my remaining time here.


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