Macy’s Week 5

This internship has been quite the journey so far. Everyday I’m at work just flies by because there is always something to do. This week I felt like a real manager and accomplished. The beginning of the week started a little slower because I was doing research on my presentation that I have to present to district at the end of the internship so I wasn’t on the floor too much. But after that I had experienced so many different things. On Tuesday I was able to go to a district training at their offices with my manager and other sales associates. We were able to learn better techniques for selling and I was able to meet the district team and network, which is great to get my name and face in front of them. I was able to talk to the District Merchandiser and schedule a day to shadow her. This is a position I am looking into for after graduation so I wanted to learn more about it and see if I can actually see myself doing something like that. Wednesday I was able to be very creative. We had to move some merchandise around for better placement. I was given free range to set the display for the Micheal Kors jewelry. It ended up looking so great and professional and right after I finished the display we sold a few items from it! I was also able to conduct an interview as well for a part time position at the store. I was nervous at first but I had to be very professional so I couldn’t let it show. It was really nice being on the other side of the situation. The interview went so great that we hired theĀ candidate. Overall, this week the customer interactions were very pleasant and I was able to help so many people find items that they fell in love with. It’s the customers that are so grateful that make the job so much better.


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