Too much work, so little time

This week I was swamped at work. My “To Do” list consisted of a website redesign deck, 9 planogram builds, and 3 analysis’ due by Wednesday end of day. I worked hard to get the website redesign deck done because our Category Management director is presenting the deck to the VP of our department. I used Adobe Photoshop and PowerPoint to create the images and features. This is still a rough edit, but we just wanted something to show Stacey our VP so she had an idea of what we plan on doing. The point of the website redesign is to make our site easier to access, use, and find information quickly.

Here are some before and after pictures:









I felt pretty accomplished with the web design and think it will be easier to use than before.

Next, I worked through 3 category drops for Publix which included; Hot Cereal, Breakfast Bars, and Frozen Breakfast. As tedious as building the planograms is, it helps me better understand the strategy of the category, which will ultimately make me better at my job.

On a more exciting note, we got to try a ton of new innovation items this week! So go look for them on shelf at the stores when you get a chance!

IMG_9280 IMG_9283 IMG_9284IMG_9282

The other interns I work with and I are also in the process of making an intern video about working at Kellogg’s. I will post it soon!


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