Week 8 with John Deere

Week 8 with John Deere is complete and it was a busy one! I am finalizing all of my data that is being imputed into code for my CI 200 Planning Tool. As this week concluded I set up a meeting for next Monday to officially finalize the project.Also, this week I participated in a 2 day long Logistics Job shadow that was very cool! it allowed me to meet about 20 different people who work for the World Wide Logistics team for John Deere. This job shadow really helped give me a much broader idea of everything that Logistics consists of and also allowed me to see of different jobs that I may fit in the future.

This week my manager and I also concluded my Mid-Year performance review. It was really cool to see how I am coming along with some of the goals that i set during the first week of my internship. I have already even completed of of my Year-End goals. It was really cool to hear the feedback my manager had for me. He said that I was doing very well, which was encouraging!

Moving forward the plan is to officially present my CI 200 project to my whole Central Planning Team so that they can begin using its functions. Also, I am beginning to gather metrics and data to put together for my end of session PowerPoint presentation. The next few week should be pretty exciting.


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