Week Five Coyote Logistics

This past week was my fifth week at Coyote Logistics, and the third week on the floor. I have been apart of the reefer big ten team now for three weeks, and believe that I am now getting much more comfortable with everything. I feel as if I am running through loads much quicker, which allows me to get information to the carrier at a much faster rate. This allows me to be able to spend less time saying words like “uhhh” on the phone when, speaking to carriers, ad more time making outbound calls in order to make sales. This week was a very interesting week. The carrier Wassala transportation, ended up doing no loads for me this week. They are the carriers that I have done the most business with, and are tagged in my name. This means I am the only one at Coyote Logistics who can do business with them. The reason I did not book any loads with them was because on Tuesday I found out that they need updated insurance, so they have been denied by the government. I had to call them to figure out what was going on, and found out that I can not book loads with hm until he gets his insurance fixed. This was a huge let down because of the 13 books I have, believe 8 have been with Wassala Transportation. So after hearing about the bad news, I had to quickly find new carriers to be able to book. I was able to book one coming from California last week going Chicago, IL, for a delivery on July 10th, only to find out today that the driver had broken down in Omaha, Nebraska. He was waiting for a service truck for three hours, and by the time I had got off work, the service truck had still not gotten there. I will have to report back next week to see if I have to take this carrier off the load, or if he was able to get his truck fixed.


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