Week 7 Blog Post: ANXeBusiness

This week was another long week at ANX. While my direct manager was out there were still a lot of tasks and jobs that had to be completed. This week the gifts for the golf outing that I ordered came in and I was impressed with the quality of them. Though I did discover that I ordered too many the marketing department determined that it was not a problem because they are something that sales representatives could take and give to customers that they meet with. As the golfing event gets closer we are beginning to tie up loose ends and next week we have a meeting planned to go over the variety of beer, drinks, and snacks that we are going to provide at our station. We are still working with a budget and trying to keep everything in the budget as much as possible. Along with finalizing all the details for the golf outing I resumed working on the return to sales list. I began the week by rerunning the list so it was as up to date as possible and then added all the necessary information so that when I talked to the customers I had all the details necessary to carry out a conversation. This week we also began a trail run on the IP configuration form and I began to send them out to customer after I had a conversation with them on the phone. When talking to customers they were very excited to hear about this new form especially the customers that are not very computer savvy. I called in total about 75 customers this week while many did not answer I made sure to take note of everything in both of spreadsheet, the customer opportunity in Salesforce, as well as their provisioning record in Salesforce. We have received 1 form back so far and the provisioning coordinators are very pleased with the turnout and think that this form is going to help receive customers information back in a more timely fashion. Overall this week was a very productive week and I am looking forward to all the tasks next week will bring.


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