Week 7 – Monsanto

This week was a short but busy week for me. I returned to work on Tuesday to an inbox full of emails. After I tackled the mountain of emails I started working on a training document for the software I have been using for the mapping project, Spotfire. The purpose of this training document is to show at a high level what Spotfire can do. I am also adding in some in depth information that I think would be beneficial for the team to know. Spotfire is a really cool software that allows you to show your data in many different forms and you can create dashboards. Towards the end of the week I started to work on making the map a little more user friendly. Spotfire just had an update so now everything has a new layout, which means I have to update the training manual I have and I also have to re-teach myself the program. I also started working on a foundation seed project for the large seed team. This project will give the members of the planning team to have a better understanding of where there foundation seed is coming from. The slides will also explain the timeline that is involved with the seeds in different areas of the world.

On Wednesday I presented my idea to a group of training plan members to see about creating a one stop shop wiki page for the training documents. Unfortunately this idea will not continue. They all really liked the idea and want to implement it but they don’t think they or I will have the time to finish it before I leave. So the outcome of the meeting was a no go for the one stop shop but I will now be giving training meetings on how to create wiki pages.


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