Target: Week Six

As an Intern this was by far the most challenging week to date. This week I had the opportunity to be the Leader on Duty or LOD. The LOD is responsible for the entire store and everything going on within that store. At 21 years old I was given the keys to a store that does 67 million dollars of business each year. That is something that not many kids my age can say. It entailed a lot of responsibilities and even more skills. As an LOD I had to deal with every problem in the store. I had to make sure that team members are completing their tasks, interacting with guests, and are not hiding in a corner. I also had to make sure the constant resupply of product from the back room was being pushed out to the sales floor. That was difficult because I had two guys who had to push at one-point 30 carts of product from the backroom. In order to get through it, I had to have the sales floor team come to the back and take a car of reshop to the floor. I also had to talk to a team member about reading magazines and the sales floor and explain to her why we cannot be acting in such ways. I had to explain the importance of her job, and when she is reading a magazine, guests see her and makes the entire corporation look unprofessional. She was not too happy at first, but soon after came and apologized and ensured me it would not happen again. I also was responsible for helping my team when they had an issue. This required constant attention and kept me extremely busy throughout the night. The most difficult task as LOD is the constant juggling of 100 different things and deciding which are the most important and need to be tackled. After every task was knocked of my list, I had to follow up with team members to make sure the task was completed. It took a lot of time and attention leading the team, but the lessons learned I will be able to apply for the rest of my life.


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