Week 7 Exel Logistics

Last week was a pretty busy week.

For my group project with 5 other interns, we have been working hard to finish on our deadline which is Friday the 17th. We have created a great new process and a new welcome packet for our customers. But, we have no added any analytical data. This is because GBS, global business services, our third party claims group will not give anything to us. Our goal and requirement is to create a baseline number which shows the increase in claims compared to the increase of shipments. We as managed transportation believe this is important because GBS is asking for more and more people because we are inquiring more customers. But, our senior director, does not believe that claims are increasing at an extreme rate. The project is frustrating, because if we have no analytical data, we will not have a good presentation for the executives of Exel in a few weeks.

My day to day jobs were also a focus last week. I have been keeping track of late shipments per week from our carrier Estes. We give our account representative a week to do research on the shipments to reach a reason or root cause. This has taken a lot of time because I have to call terminals to get a pro-number and then track it each day. Calling terminals gets very frustrating for each shipments because I believe they should be able to find it from our shipment ID which is their BOL number. This is something I would like to focus on for all of our LTL shipments.

Tracking truck loads is also part of my day. I am hoping to start receiving emails on when our truck loads deliver from our TL carrier dispatch centers.

I have also been focused on getting invoicing count down to a minimum. This takes a lot of time because we have a lot of invoices each week and I have to create shipments in our system which takes a lot of time for each shipment.


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