Week 6 Jewel

This week I was in the receiving department. Blair is the person in charge of that department and I was always curious about his role in the store. There is usually only one receiver per store. His job is to handle any inventory that comes in through the back door by vendors. He also is responsible for reconciliation of all the direct store deliveries. He seemed like a quiet person who was well-organized. I was eager to start work this past Monday and see what the day of a receiver is all about.

What I took away from the entire day was that the receiver position was in charge of keeping track of other departments orders.  A lot of his day is spent working with a desktop computer and a hand-held computer (also known as a scan gun). He first starts his day by taking invoices from the previous day and turning them into preliminaries. Than the last days preliminaries into Finals. This filing system informs the store about the profit margins of each product and what the cost and retail price of each order that comes through the back door. He tracks all of these orders through a scan gun. At this point the receiver scans every item to match the product on hand to the invoice receipt printed from the vendor. This way each department can keep track of all their expenses and ensure they are paying the correct prices for the store deliveries.

His final duties include keeping track of reclamation. This is either damaged or out of code items that the store can not sell. These items either go toward donations, get scanned for credits, or goes in the dumpster. Many items will receive credit from the vendor. Most of the perishables are dumped to avoid pests. Most of the private brand labels are donated to local food banks. This helps the company stay engaged with the local community. All in all this has been my favorite department so far.


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