Week 7 at Johnson & Johnson Millwork

The seventh week at Johnson & Johnson Millwork was a shortened week because of the Fourth of July weekend. I had a bit of a slow week again as we didn’t have much work and so it was more leisurely than normal. I detailed the company trucks again and helped fabricate a new trailer that we built. The fabrication of the trailer was the most time consuming and I mostly watched and learned as Tim was doing most of the welding so I mostly handed him the material that was needed.

After the trailer was made and all finished, Tim had me do the painting to show what I had learned at the beginning of the internship. I got the first two coats done before the end of the week and I will spray the clear coat on the following week.

We received an update that our upcoming job is still on schedule and will be ready to begin the second week of July. Tim said that because we have had a few slow weeks that after my internship is done that he would still like me to work for him because of the huge workload that is coming up. That is pretty good news for me and must mean that I’ve let a good impression on him. In addition to hearing that from Tim Johnson of Johnson & Johnson Millwork, I also received the same news from VKam Construction so it sounds like I’m going to be very busy for the rest of the summer.


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